Blassic. The classic basic.

Blassic. The classic basic.


Blassic is a classic Basic interpreter. The line numbers are mandatory, and it has PEEK & POKE. The main goal is to execute programs written in old interpreters, even those that use peculiar control flow constructs or automodifiable code. However, it can be used as a scripting language, and has some not-so-classic instructions. It has graphics modes that are compatible with some classic systems and user defined.


0.11 update

See downloads for an updated release on the 0.11 branch that builds with recent versions of gcc.

Blassic for NSLU2

The NSLU2 is a Network device to share USB disks using the SMB protocol. This: Slug is a Blassic version to run on this device under Debian SLUG.

Contributed OpenZaurus package.

See the download section below.

Blassic in a router!

You can read how to install Blassic in a router under openwrt/midge in the following links:


Blassic can be used and distributed under the terms of the GPL license.



Download page.



Other projects:


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