Blassic. Download.

Blassic. Download.


Current version is 0.10.0 (NEWS of this version).

New version 0.10.3, fix serious bug that cause core dump when compiled with recent gcc versions.
blassic 0.10.3 gzipped tar package
New version 0.10.2 for testing only, fix build with gcc 4.3 (thanks to Michael Sterret and
blassic 0.10.2 gzipped tar package
New version 0.10.1 for testing only, adds MSX charset.
blassic 0.10.1 gzipped tar package
Source and sample programs.
Sample programs only.
blassic-examples Rpm for Linux.
blassic 0.10.0 Windows binary.
Linux i386:

blassic 0.10.0 Linux arm for the Yopy PDA (executable only)

blassic 2013-05-13 Binary for Raspberry Pi - Debian 7.0

Gentoo installation.
To install Blassic in Gentoo just execute " emerge dev-lang/blassic "
Pkgsrc installation.
To install Blassic from pkgsrc (i.e. in NetBSD) just "make install clean" in pkgsrc/wip/blassic/ (
Contributed versions.
Mark Hart has compiled Blassic for the Sharp Zaurus PDA, you can download it from I tested this version on a Yopy PDA and it works too.
Note: this site seems to be down now. You can use my arm binary instead.
Unfortunately my arm binary for the Yopy seems to not work in the Zaurus. As a last resort, the Mark Hart version can be found in the web archives at:
New!: Alberto Aleix has built and tested an OpenZaurus version. The package includes source and samples. It's tested on OZ 3.5.4 in a Sharp Collie SL-550.
More programs.
In addition to those included in the packages You have more blassic programs here
Other stuff.
A syntax highlighting file for gedit contributed by Markus Mangold:
Older versions.
Click here to download older versions of Blassic.
Preview of next version: 0.11.0
blassic (bugfix mostly untested, updated 21-jan-2010)
blassic (updated 13-jul-2008)
blassic 0.11.0 (windows binary) (updated 25-apr-2006)
This is a preliminary version only for people interested in testing new features. It's not very stable yet, particularly the debug code can crash if the pthread option is used. Only source code is provided, you need a C++ compiler to test it.
A sample of some of the new features can be seen in "puzzle.bas".



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