Blassic. The classic basic.

Blassic. The classic basic.

Some notes about Blassic.

Last modified: 14-feb-2005.

Line numbers or not line numbers?

You can be confused by the fact that the presentation of Blassic says "line numbers are mandatory" but many of the sample programas have no line numbers at all. The answer is simple, Blassic always use line numbers, but when a program is loaded in text format the numbers are auto generated if not present. That way using LABEL as target of GOTOs and GOSUBs you can efectively write a program without worrying about the line numbers, but they are here if your program need them.

If you want to strip the line numbers of a program you can save it in binary form and use the sample program list.bas with the -n option, like this: blassic list -n program.blc > newprogram.bas.

Execute a program by giving only its name.

In unix versions you can write programs that execute as normal commands, without using "blassic program". You only need to put in the first line "# !/usr/bin/blassic" and give it execute permission. When loading the program Blassic ignores the first line if begins with an "#", so you can use this unix usual method.

Execute a program by clicking on it in Windows.

The following registry keys can be added:

@="blassic \"%1\""
You can do it automatically by clicking on this link: blassic.reg and selecting execute, or downloading the file and executing it.

To execute graphics programs avoiding that a text window stay opened you can add the -d option to the command value, o create another entry associated with others file extensions (I suggest .basw and .blcw).

This assumes that you have blassic.exe in some directory included in the PATH, if not you must put the complete path in the command entry. Depending on the windows version and how is configured, it can be necessary to put the entire path even in that case.

Svgalib support.

Svgalib was supported in the first versions of Blassic. I do not have it installed since long time, and thus stopped supporting it. However I do not delete the related options in configure nor the code already written, in the hope that something interested will eventually take care of it.

Compiled Blassic programs.

No, there is no compiler for Blassic. Maybe someday...

Can I create windows?

No, the graphics modes create a unique window. The WINDOW instuction define text frames into this window that can be used to print into different channels. Is taken from the Amstrad CPC Basic.



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