Blassic. The classic basic.

Blassic. The classic basic.

Command line options.

Last modified: 13-feb-2005.

"In case it wasn't clear, options are usually optional." (The tao of option parsing, in Optik documentation).

-a n1[,n2]
Auto number values. n1 is the first line number to be used, n2 the increment. Stablishes the values for the system vars AutoInit and AutoInc.
Set all compatibility flags to 1. Useful only for testing.
Ajust several system vars to Apple II Basic compatibility.
Ajust several system vars to Amstrad CPC Basic compatibility.
Detach from console.
--debug level
Set the debug level to level, the value is asigned to the DebugLevel system var and is used by the IF_DEBUG instruction.
-e command
Execute command and exit. Must be the last option. You must take care with the quoting conventions of your shell.
Example in unix whith sh: blassic -e 'print "Hola" '
Redirect the error output to the standard output.
Adjust several system vars to GW Basic compatibility.
Show additional info in some error conditions.
Convert line feed to carriage return in INKEY$ and GET in text mode in unix.
-m mode_number | mode_name | widthxheight
Mode. Executes MODE mode_number or MODE "mode_name" or MODE width, height.
If a program is specified as argument, load it but not run.
-p list of expressions
Print each of the expressions with the PRINT instruction.
Rotate 90 degrees all graphics modes. Useful on PDAs. Arrow keys are also rotated.
Adjust several system vars to Spectrum Basic compatibility.
Enter tron mode. Same effect as the TRON instruction without arguments.
Entre tron line mode. Same effect as the TRON LINE instruction without arguments.
-x keyword
Exclude keyword from the list of Blassic keywords. Useful to execute a program that uses a Blassic keyword as variable name. Can be specified several times to exclude more keywords.
Inside of a list of expressions for the -p option marks the end of the list. In other case, marks the end of options.
Used as program name means read the program form standard input.

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